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Clare - 7th August 2019

‘My little girl was 50% tongue tied with zero functionality so feeding her was such a traumatic experience to start with. Thanks to Sarah and the INFANTTS team she is now 10 months old and we are still going strong with our breastfeeding journey. She is on the 75th centile for her weight and is developing and progressing wonderfully.
It's been such a pleasure feeding her and I only wish you'd been around when I was feeding my little boy because his tongue tie was never fully sorted and whilst we made it to 12 months it was never completely right. I would recommend you to anyone’ xxxx


Kirsty - 20th June 2019

‘Excellent service, advice, and aftercare. Extremely impressed with INFANTTS. We would highly recommend. Having the procedure done has worked wonders for our son. Helen and Sarah were both very helpful, thorough and very knowledgable. Thanks again!’


Caroline - 17th June 2019

‘Had our little girl’s tongue tie released at 6 days old and it has made a huge difference to feeding. Sarah and her colleagues were extremely professional and helpful and we would not hesitate to recommend them -Thank you!’


Gemma - 4th June 2019

‘Sarah was amazing at sorting out our little boys 100% tongue tie, especially as I'm a very anxious and nervous person. She put me at ease and made the whole process as stress free as possible. Also provided excellent advice on breastfeeding and general childcare techniques which we have been using. Thanks again we would highly recommend using INFANTTS for any baby who has a tongue tie’.


Shell - 11th April 2019

‘After suffering with painful feeds, thrush, reflux and mastitis for 12 weeks we decided to use INFANTTS as we had still not had our NHS appointment for my sons tongue tie. We were made to feel welcome from the minute we arrived (the lady on reception, whose name i didn’t get was lovely & even made us a brew). Sarah made a detailed assessment of our sons tongue function before deciding to go ahead with the procedure. Our son didn’t seem to feel a thing (he was more upset that he had been put down) and he was feeding within seconds, which was observed and advice was given for reflux and best positioning. Whilst his latch is still not quite perfect (he has some habits to unlearn) feeding is much less painful. He is also a lot more "talkative" since and can even pull tongues at his sister- something he couldn’t do before. We are both much happier now and actually enjoying our feeding sessions.’


Victoria - 2nd April 2019

‘Cannot thank everyone at INFANTTS enough. My son was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie at birth. However there was a 3 week wait on the NHS to have the tongue tie cut. I knew waiting that long would ruin our breastfeeding journey. INFANTTS managed to fit us in the same day! Sarah explained the procedure fully and snipped the tongue tie. The difference in feeding was immediate! The after care provided was incredible. 4 weeks on I now have an exclusively breastfed and very happy son. Thank you!’


Charlotte - 10th March 2019

‘What a relief this service exists! Having waited 6 weeks for a tongue tie division with our first on the NHS and realising within 6 hours of birth that our second had one too, we had the procedure carried out at 5 days old and instantly feeding improved. Arranging the appointment was very swift, Sarah put us at ease and was very knowledgeable and informative and the follow up call completed the process well. Highly recommend!’


Jamie - 3rd January 2019

‘Managed to fit us in very quickly. We were made aware that out baby had a posterior tongue tie. NHS wait was 8 weeks, INFANTTS were able to provide the service that we were desperate for. Very welcoming, Sarah, a very experienced Midwife performed the procedure. Our little baby didn’t feel a thing and breastfeeding has improved massively. Plenty of time at the appointment to discuss and think about everything. Even helped us with a feed straight after. Would recommend 10/10’


Alice - 3rd January 2019

‘Thank you so much for cutting my babies tongue tie. I suffered terribly feeding with my first born due to tongue tie, so when my second was born and i was told he had one too i contacted INFANTTS straight away. They were very quick at replying and i was in with my day old newborn the same day. The tie was noticed straight away and snipped calmly and efficiently. Thank you ever so much again x’


Jade - 13th November 2018

‘What can I say, Sarah and the rest of the team were brilliant and I can't thank them enough! My daughter had a posterior tongue-tie and we both found feeding so distressing at times. Within moments of contacting INFANTTS and speaking to Helen we were booked in that week. Sarah and her colleague made us feel at ease from the moment we stepped in the clinic. I couldn't recommend INFANTTS enough as those distressing feeding times are long gone X.’


Veronica - 7th November 2018

‘Our daughter was diagnosed with a posterior tie at Whiston at 17 weeks. We called INFANTTS and were booked in for an appointment a week later. Sarah took our history and did a full clinical assessment. She agreed there was a tie and performed the division. She observed a feed and gave us general suggestions that may help.

We found the clinic and all services very professional and felt Sarah was very qualified in her role (she even identified that both my husband and I have posterior ties!).

I would highly recommend the clinic for anyone who is considering using a private provider. I am also very happy to say that all our feeding issues resolved after the division, including reflux’.


Clare - 20th October 2018

’After having gone through tongue-tie with our first child, it was one of the first things I checked for with my LG. I spotted the TT immediately and this was then confirmed by the midwife. The Infant Feeding team did an immediate referral to Alder Hey however I knew there would be a wait for an appointment. I was experiencing lots of nipple pain so decided to go private as I knew it would be worth the money - and it was!

We were very impressed with the quality of service and the knowledge and experience of the midwife Sarah who performed the procedure. The consultation was thorough and everything explained to us in detail. My LG has a thick, tight TT with zero functionality. Once snipped my LG latched much better. Sarah checked that baby was feeding well immediately following the procedure (which she was) and a follow up phone call within a few days to check there were no problems was appreciated.

Due to the thickness of the tie a further assessment was needed as some feeds were still problematic. A further appointment was sorted immediately when I spoke to Helen. Sarah reassessed my LG and she has been feeding even better since.

Thank you Sarah and the INFANTTS team’.


Elaine - 9th October 2018

‘We took our newborn baby boy here because he was tongue-tied. We were only in the room a few minutes when Sarah identified that his tongue tie was quite severe and was definitely having an impact on him. Within minutes it was snipped. Our baby gave a tiny cry and there was minimal blood for a few short seconds only. I have since recommended this service to midwives so other families know where to go if they are looking for a quick response and excellent treatment. We haven’t looked back since. Thank you!’.


Claire - 8th October 2018

‘A big thank you to Sarah and team for sorting our son’s severe tongue tie so quickly. The procedure was stress free and Sarah had a lot of time for us afterwards ensuring our baby was happy feeding and answering any questions we had. Would certainly recommend to anyone who has a newborn and is unable to wait for a NHS referral’.


Claire - 25th September 2018

‘Can’t thank Sarah and Laura enough. We had been struggling with breastfeeding. I messaged the team through the website and got a response later that day with an appointment the next day. It was quick and worry free. So informative and supportive with the first feed’.


Laura - 8th August 2018

‘We visited INFANTTS when my little boy was 4 days old as feeding was very painful and the BAMBIS team suspected a posterior tongue tie. Having struggled for months with painful feeding with my first i decided to get some help early on. I called and got an appointment the following day (I believe the NHS wait is at least 4 weeks). Sarah did a really thorough assessment and confirmed there was a small posterior tongue tie but she felt that my LO’s tongue movement was really good and she couldn’t promise resecting the tongue tie would make a difference. She observed me feeding and offered some really good advice. We decided not to have the tongue tie snipped and to see how things went, with the option to return if things didn’t improve. I’m really grateful that we weren’t pressured into having a potentially unnecessary procedure and the advice given was really helpful. Over the past week feeding has improved significantly and I’m now feeding with no pain. 
Being able to see someone so quickly who had the knowledge and experience to advise and reassure was worth the fee for the assessment. Sarah gave me the confidence to persevere and I am very grateful’.


Charlotte - 12th July 2018

'I came across the INFANTTS team on Facebook after my GP confirmed my little boy had a slight tongue tie. However, I wasn’t offered any further assistance and I didn’t know what else to do to quickly resolve it. Helen and the team were outstanding, my query was replied to straight away and I had an appointment in less than a week. Sarah was so professional and helpful, reassuring me and offering advice on my son’s reflux as well. He had a tiny TT, but after being examined it was determined that it didn’t need snipping, as it wasn’t impacting on his functionality. I really appreciated their honesty, as they could have gone ahead and done the procedure anyway! But as Sarah quite rightly said, whilst the procedure is quick and virtually painless, they’d never do it unless it was absolutely necessary. They instead gave me some advice on reflux, which was of a huge help and Helen followed up a few days later to see how my son and I were doing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone, they’re an excellent service!'


Emma - 14th June 2018

'Thanks so much for all of your help with my son's tongue tie. Before he had it done I was unable to breast feed as he wasn’t getting what he needed and left me really sore. Since he has had the procedure he is latching perfectly and I am able to feed him myself again! He is now sleeping and seems a much happier baby!
Thank you!'


Amy - 7th June 2018

'Wonderful service! My two day old baby had 100% tongue tie and experience from my first baby told me I didn't want to wait for snip. Booking process was incredibly easy, I made an appointment on Wednesday for the following day. Sarah and Laura were absolutely lovely with hormonal mummy and tongue tie snipped in about 10 seconds with no complications. My baby is now 9 days old and is within 6.5% of his birth weight exclusively breastfeeding. I am delighted.'


Kate - 10th May 2018

"We were referred to this practice with the confidence and reassurance from others after some trepidation about the actual procedure - no parent wants their newborn to be in any discomfort. From the minute we arrived we felt welcomed and any fear felt was elevated by the highly professional manner of the staff. The practice clearly benefits from a well experienced midwife who is not only able to perform the procedure with great care and diligence but is also able to use her understanding and know how to assist in other areas. The NHS offer a similar service, though the waiting list is long and I would doubt that the level of care and attention of what is on offer here would be undertook and reflected there. I would highly recommend this practice to others. Thank you INFANTTS!"


Vicky - 4th June 2018

'Highly rate INFANTTS after getting our daughters tongue tie revised at 9 weeks after struggling to get an NHS appointment. The difference in her is amazing, sleeping and feeding much better. Thank you Sarah and Helen for all your help xx'


Jo - 19th April 2018

"After having gone through tongue tie with our first child, it was one of the first things I checked for in our third baby. However, I was unaware of the different types and so was surprised to hear our newborn had a suspected tongue tie. This explained why I was sore from each feed!

We’d gone through Alder Hey the first time and knew there would be a wait for an appointment. After being told we could go private and have it sorted within days, there was no contest. I knew it would be worth every penny spent - and it was!

Helen was very professional over the phone and gave us an appointment for the next morning. We were very impressed with the quality of service and the knowledge and experience of the midwife Sarah who performed the procedure. The consultation was thorough and everything explained to us in detail. It was all over within minutes and our newborn wasn’t phased in the slightest! We stayed and allowed Sarah to check that baby was feeding well immediately following the procedure (which she was) and a follow up phone call within a few days to check there were no problems was appreciated.

Thank you INFANTTS for the excellent service you are providing in Liverpool to mums and babies who really need it!!"


Nicola - 12th April 2018

"Excellent service, very professional and reassuring. 
Sarah talked me through everything and Natalie held my baby whilst they did the procedure (my biggest worry was that I would have to hold him) 
After the procedure she made sure he was feeding ok and you could notice the results instantly. 
Thank you so much"


Rebecca - 20th March 2018

"When we found out our new baby was tongue tied and it was affecting his feeding as well as causing me pain, we were very worried. After being told the NHS waiting list was 4-6 weeks we decided to find an alternative. I was recommended INFANTTS by my midwife so gave them a call and had an appointment for him the next day. Understandably I was very anxious about the whole thing but I shouldn’t have been. Sarah and Helen put us immediately at ease, they clearly knew what they were doing. George was examined beforehand and the procedure was quick. He fed straight after and we stayed until we felt comfortable that he was ok. We were given loads of good advice on latching and post procedure care and were even given after care on the phone. I would highly recommend them. He is now feeding so much better."


Alice - 31st July 2019

‘After the awful experience with my first born breastfeeding i was prepared that my second would most likely have a tongue tie too (he did). The midwife when my first was born said he only had a slight one and wouldn't affect things, clearly after feeding my second it was a huge problem. This time around feeding has been a dream, not a single pain at all! Thank you ever so much for everything you did’


Jacob - 4th July 2019

‘My baby had a 50% tongue tie and it was causing my wife a lot of distress. We found INFANTTS online and filled in the questionnaire. The results indicated the TT was not severe enough so we did not expect to be contacted, so when Helen called the next day it was a relief to be reassured. Luckily we managed to get an appointment the next day and after a consultation with Sarah, my baby's TT was snipped. Sarah is very knowledgeable and also offered advice for a better latch. Having the TT corrected, instead of waiting 6 weeks for an NHS appointment, was a huge relief to my wife and I. Many thanks to Helen and Sarah.’


Josie - 11th May 2019

‘Huge thanks to Helen and Sarah for helping our Tilly who is now feeding perfectly. The only crying done was being put back in the car seat! Would highly recommend them to anyone, really knowledgable, friendly, welcoming and very quick to respond’


Gemma-Louise - 5th April 2019

‘Thank you so much to Sarah and the team, you have my feeds for me and my 8wk old daughter so more relaxing. I honestly couldn’t fault any of my experience using INFANTTS. I was given an appointments for the same week . I was very nervous about the tie being cut but Sarah explained it all and made me feel at ease. They also helped entertain my little boy while all this was going on. When Sarah cut the tie it was done so quickly and stress free my baby didn’t even have time to cry. They then helped with the latch. A week later my nipples have healed, her feeding is so much better that I forget she is feeding. I honestly couldn’t recommend you all enough to people . Thank you all so much!’


Elizabeth - 26th March 2019

‘Can’t thank INFANTTS enough for sorting out my little ones tongue tie. He had a 75 percent tongue tie and it was really affecting his feeding. He had to be fed by syringe and struggled to feed from a bottle. The staff were lovely who dealt with us, they explained what the procedure involved and made us feel at ease. My baby is now feeding so well and is doing amazingly! Would highly recommend, thanks again!’ :)


Liz - 7th March 2019

‘After problems feeding from birth and eventual recognition of possible tongue tie at 12 weeks we were told an NHS referral could take up to 8 weeks, so we decided to book with Sarah and the INFANTTS team. We got our appointment the next week and it went really well. Sarah and her team were brilliant and it was a really quick procedure. Our little one was feeding happily afterwards and has done since. Would definitely recommend! Thank you!’


Catrin - 3rd January 2019

‘Visited twice with our little boy. Had an assessment the first time and Sarah couldn’t promise that snipping the tie would solve our problems so gave us loads of things to try first and said go back if we’re still having problems. Tried everything but ended up going back a few weeks later. Tie snipped and feeding improved instantly! We’ve moved to exclusively breastfeeding within two days, and no more expressing and topping up with bottles! I’d never seen him gulp before, or poke his tongue out until after the procedure! 
Sarah could have just charged us to do it the first time but really wanted to rule out everything else first.
Thank you Sarah and team for saving our breastfeeding journey!!’


Therese - 21st November 2018

‘Tongue-tie snipped on our 10 day old. Sarah was very professional and quickly did the division and then patiently waited for our little one to feed on both breasts to check positioning. So worth having done early so feeding gets off to a good start and little one doesn’t get into the habit of feeding badly with a tie’.


Abbey - 10th November 2018

’I would like to thank Sarah and her colleague for making our experience a great one. Sarah identified my LB’s tongue-tie straight away and within minutes it was done. She reassured me and gave myself and my partner great comfort and advice.

Thank you very much, my LB is now getting used to latching again and is doing this for longer and his wind has settled. Thank you very much Sarah!’


Michelle - 25th October 2018

‘Amazing service from the initial appointment phone call to seeing the lovely midwife today. I was informed my son was tongue-tied and this was related to his weight loss. This was such a worrying time as a new parent but seeing the midwife today it was a relaxing but professional atmosphere. We had fabulous news as he did not need the procedure after the midwife examined our son. She also showed and explained in detail which was great. Very reassuring. It is lovely to know that they didn’t just do the procedure for doing its sake and to make money. Thank you very much!!’.


Jenny - 23rd October 2018

‘I was recommended INFANTTS by a friend. My little boy had been diagnosed with a tongue-tie in hospital after he was born. We didn’t want to wait for NHS referral as was told it was up to 12 weeks. Contacted INFANTTS and spoke to Helen on the phone who was really helpful. I was booked in the following week. Sarah was brilliant and answered all my questions and gave advice about feeding. The snip was over in a second and didn’t seem to bother my son at all. Healed well and feeding has improved. Helen followed procedure up with phone call the next week to check how he was. Would recommend INFANTTS to anyone who is looking to have this done’.

Alina - 11th October 2018

‘I would highly recommend INFANTTS for assessing and treating posterior tongue tie. I contacted INFANTTS and spoke to Helen initially who took some detailed information over the phone and then we were seen the next day by Sarah who was extremely personable, knowledgeable and competent. Sarah talked us through how she would assess our daughter’s tongue- tie, how the procedure would be completed and put us at ease. Our daughter did not feel any distress and was handled with complete care. thank you Sarah!’.


Leanne - 9th October 2018

‘Our newborn baby girl had 100% tongue tie which was corrected by Sarah and her team.. the procedure was completely painless and completed within seconds. Our baby was in no distress, there was no blood and immediately after she was her happy little self. Big thanks to all of the team. Great to have this service available should you wish to bring the procedure forward. She is feeding really well now.
Would highly recommend to any parents who are concerned about their child's tongue tie’.


Fiona - 13th August 2018

‘We had a great experience visiting Sarah and Laura last Thursday. I had been really struggling to get my daughter to latch and wanted to rule out tongue-tie. She had a minor posterior tongue tie but before doing the procedure Sarah helped me work on my latch and gave me some great tips that meant the snip wasn't required. I would highly recommend the INFANTTS service and speaking with Sarah has really helped my confidence with breastfeeding’.


Tom - 8th August 2018

‘Having been told that an NHS referral would take several weeks and concerned about the potential impact on feeding our newborn following identification of a tongue-tie we contacted INFANTTS after seeing them listed on the Association of Tongue-Tie Practitioners website. Helen was very helpful in ensuring that our son was seen quickly by Sarah who, after a short assessment, carried out the procedure with no fuss and no apparent discomfort. Sarah also provided some very helpful advice on feeding including some practical help with feeding techniques. Our son is now feeding well which is a great weight off our minds. I would thoroughly recommend INFANTTS to any new parent(s) in similar circumstances’.


Rachel - 19th July 2018

'Thank you so much to Sarah and the team. My little boy was diagnosed with a tongue tie straight after birth, it was quite significant and interfered so much with his feeding that I had to express and syringe feed only. We were waiting on an appointment with Alder Hey which was going to take another week at the earliest. I was advised about the INFANTTS team on a Thursday morning at 0930 and had an appointment with them at 1130 that day.
We were seen very quickly, no waiting. Sarah explained all about tongue ties and why my baby needed his snipped. The procedure was quick and easy. My little boy was treated gently and with care. I didn't have to hold him still and so didn't have to watch, which I was grateful for as he is so young and I felt upset. Sarah and her team were so supportive and reassuring.
I got my son to latch that evening and he breast fed well. Thank you for a great service. Well worth paying for, to get my little boy sorted and the lactation advice given afterwards was extremely helpful.' Xx


Stephanie - 14th June 2018

'Contacted INFANTTS after my newborn was diagnosed with tongue tie and realised the wait for NHS was 12 weeks. Managed to get an appointment within 5 days. The service was brilliant, a really experienced midwife did the procedure which was really reassuring. Since having it done my LB is feeding much better and has allowed me to continue breast feeding. Would definitely recommend.'


Kate - 7th June 2018

'Our 3 week old breastfed baby wasn’t gaining weight and we were told he had a tongue. The NHS referral time was 6-8 weeks but we did our research and made an appointment with the INFANTTS clinic for 2 days later. The procedure was quick and painless, the baby didn’t feel a thing! One week on and baby has put on 10 half oz in 7 days!
We are so happy we had it done privately. If you are considering it, do not wait around for NHS.
Thank you so much, our baby will now begin to thrive.'


Angela - 31st May 2018

'After my 2 week old son was diagnosed with tongue tie, causing feeding problems. INFANTTS was recommended by my midwife for a correction procedure. I was very worried and extremely anxious about the procedure. But Sarah and her assistant’s experience and reassurance put me at ease, and the procedure was very quick and seemed not to cause my baby much discomfort. I was also given post procedure feeding advice, and further follow up advice from Helen. Overall, a very professional service, which I would highly recommend.
Many thanks.'


Kate - 24th May 2018

'The team are absolutely fantastic. It was a really quick procedure and my little boy didn't even cry. They are very supportive and gave me lots of advice on how to best feed and support my baby. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much! Xx'


Fei - 26th April 2018

"My LG got her tongue tie snipped at INFANTTS. We got an appointment with the tongue tie practitioner Sarah within a few hours after I contacted Helen. Sarah and her assistant were both really nice, professional, supportive and explained things clearly to us. The tongue tie was snipped straightaway and I fed my baby whose latch was instantly improved. Sarah has also offered some advices on positioning and treatment for cracked nipples. The whole experience was very positive and I highly recommend them!"


Simone - 26th April 2018

"When we found out our baby was tongue tied the midwives didn’t notice at first then told us he was 75% they told us the waiting list was 12weeks and could be longer so we decided to find someone privately. We had a look through a couple and decided to visit INFANTTS on our visit it was confirmed he was tongue tied but actually 100%. The procedure it’s self was very quick and clean we where made to feel very welcome and at ease with all information explained clearly nothing wasn’t any trouble and I even sat and breastfed baby after. I couldn’t recommend INFANTTS anymore they where amazing. He is feeding so much better now. Thank you so much"


Ellie - 19th April 2018

"After suspecting tongue tie and asking health visitor and midwife, all saying no, I rang INFANNTS. So glad I did! I messaged Helen and had a speedy response and then phone call to talk through any problems I was having feeding. Everything was done so fast and I was booked in within the week. I was so worried about my little boy having it done but really shouldn't of been. Sarah was great and it was done in a matter of seconds no tears whatsoever! Gave great tips for feeding super informative and clearly years of experience. I highly recommend and good aftercare too! Thanks again" :)


Laura - 5th April 2018

"After it was suggested my 5 week old son had a posterior tongue tie I approached INFANTTS. Communication from Tom and Helen was clear, concise and friendly and we were given an appointment as soon as possible which was greatly appreciated. At the appointment Sarah was refreshingly reassuring, professional and empathetic. She clearly explained and demonstrated what a tongue tie looks like in an infant and also in an adult. Although my son does not have a tongue tie we happily paid the consultation fee and received excellent advice and support from Sarah to help us continue our breastfeeding journey."


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